2018 BEST 10 FILMS

Wonder Wong


Teruki Uehara

2018 Best 10 Films
Wonder Wong
1. An Elephant Sitting Still / Hu Bo
This will be a classic in Chinese film history. It runs counter to the value of the film that is currently encouraged by China government. And photography and soundtracks are excellent and creative.
It is a masterpiece that belongs to this era but also does not belong to any era.
2. Won't You Be My Neighbor? / Morgan Neville
This is a documentary about a great men, and the documentary itself is extremely outstanding as well. Morgan Neville explored the subtext of each episode and revealed Mr. Rogers’s ideology.
3. Ash Is Purest White / JIA Zhang-Ke
Jia Zhang-Ke still maintains his extraordinary artistic style and vision. In Jia Zhangke's film, UFO appeared before the historical events (such as the construction of the Three Gorges Dam). This time, the UFO chose Xinjiang. Is this coincidence?
4. Asako I & II / Ryusuke Hamaguchi
The English title "Asako I & II" truly shows the purpose of the film. There are two men with the same appearance in the story, but in fact the director wants to talk about the two faces of Asako. This is a very bizarre movie. The director provoked the audience at the end, but you just can't leave the seat. A relationship makes us understand the complexity of human nature, a good film as well.
5. Dogman / Matteo Garrone
Matteo Garrone knows how to find animal nature from human nature. The film tells us that the environment determines everything pessimistically. In fect, people and dogs are all in the cages which we never notice.
6. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse / Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman
It's not just a reversal, it's the most gorgeous creation.
7. The Realm / Rodrigo Sorogoyen
A politically thriller film with a dramatic and stylish style. A fascinating movie.
8. Arctic / Joe Penna
The best survival film of the year. The whole film has almost no dialogue but still suspenseful.
However, this film not only tells us the perseverance of human beings, but also demonstrates the solemnity of nature.
9. Burning / Lee Chang-Dong
Lee Chang-Dong made a very empty film, so that the viewer has enough space to think, feel, and fulfill.
10. Our Youth in Taiwan / Yue Fu
The director frankly presented the process of his vision to disillusionment. This is a truly introspective film, reflecting on the individual, the social movement group, and the liberal democratic system of Taiwan. Very cruel, very sincere growth movie.
2018 Best 10 Films
Under the Silver Lake / David Robert Mitchell
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri / Martin McDonagh
Phantom Thread / Paul Thomas Anderson
The Shape of Water / Guillermo del Toro
Faces Places / Agnès Varda
Kiku to Girochin / Takahisa Zeze
Minatomachi / Kazuhiro Soda
Itoshino Irene / Keisuke Yoshida
The Florida Project / Sean Baker
Shoplifters / Hirokazu Koreeda
2018 Best 10 Films
Teruki Uehara
1. CALL ME BY YOUR NAME / Luca Guadagnino
2. BARBARA / Mathieu Amalric
3. Hotel by the River / Hong Sang-Soo
4. The Post / Steven Spielberg
5. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs / Coen brothers
6. A GHOST STORY / David Lowery
7. Asako I & II / Ryusuke Hamaguchi
8. SUMMER 1993 / Carla Simon
9. I Am Not Your Negro / Raoul Peck
10. Okinawa SPY Senshi / Chie Mikami, Hanayo Oya